Monday, June 23, 2008

The phone-calling, collecting, fugitive!

Today was my first official day of work at Impact. I have the most glamorous job in the world....collections! The person I was training with today has been working there for a year and a half. I do not understand how anyone could work there that long. I'm pretty sure I'll get sick of calling people and telling them they owe money after one day, maybe two if we're lucky. Today I was practicing phone calls and the trainer that was pretending to be a customer said she missed the payment because her husband just died. I immediately thought of Whitney and her experience in collections with someone who had died and I started laughing! I felt so bad, but luckily, it was a fake phone call. But I did learn a very useful trick: If that ever happens, push the mute button on the phone, then laugh.
This weekend has been quite exciting. It has involved my new favorite game: fugitive. It's basically a glorified game of tag. Everyone starts at one place and has to get to another place across town while the people in cars aka "the cops" try to catch them. Last night I was planning on going to bed early to prepare for my first day of work, but when the offer to play another game of fugitive was presented, I could not pass it up. All I have to say is that I am the best cop ever! Only four people out of our group of about 15 people made it. After playing some fugitive we had fireworks in the stadium parking lot then played a game of freeze tag on the football field. Mom, I promise I study hard and work hard, but I also have been playing hard too. There's a random bit of my life that I'm sure you were all very anxious to hear about. Now I'm going to go do some more studying so tonight I can play a little more tonight!


sue said...

Somehow I knew you were having a lot of fun at school. Best of luck tomorrow on your collections, hope everyone is nice to you when you call asking for money!

Beckstrom Bunch said...

I guess you can't be a college graduate in our family without having made collection phone calls. I hated it, Todd hated it, Whitney hated it, and now here you are...probably going to hate it too. But look on the two bright sides--1)you're making money, and 2)you will avoid ever having to go to collections in the future. That alone could save you a ton of money! Good luck (and the mute button is also helpful if you are about to scream at someone or cry when someone tells you how much they hate you.)