Friday, November 6, 2009

Life Lessons

Some life lessons I've learned over the last six months:

1. Be careful on a sewing machine. Despite how ridiculous it may seem, it is possible to sew through your fingernail and out the other side.

2. Nickel Cade is always a good option for a party, whether it be a birthday party or a bachelorette party. Plus, it has awesome prizes you can win.

3. My eyes can do fun tricks.

4. I love my cousins. Especially the ones that can flex their neck meat like Todd.

5. Tracy can fall asleep anywhere.

6. I can't cook. I've completely given up.

7. If you are on your way to Oakley and pass a sign that says "Welcome to Wyoming," you have taken a wrong turn somewhere. No need to worry! In order to get back on track, find a random road going southeast. This road will eventually turn into a dirt road. On this road, you will find an old abandoned house and cows. After about an hour, you will end up in Coalville. From that point, continue on to Oakley.

8. 80's dancing is a must.

9. I have the best siblings in the world and Nate is really bad at taking pictures. (Thanks for dinner Todd!)

10. Never let Jack have a superman ice-cream cone.

11. When I feel my life is threatened by a little snake, I can run faster than an olympic gold medalist.

12. Mouse snap traps do not work. The sticky traps are the way to go. Poison helps too.

1 comment:

Shelby Lou said...

are there mice in quimbley cottage?! ew ew ew....

i think this post is awesome.

you are so fun! i miss you!