Thursday, February 11, 2010

I like New York Pizza

I got home from New York Monday night and it was amazing. I loved it so much and don't know why I didn't go sooner. This was a pretty big deal. It was my first time traveling somewhere alone. The trip didn't start well. I was waiting to go through security when I realized that I was missing one very important article of clothing: my coat. Bad idea considering the east coast had severe winter storm warnings. The day before I left, I was talking to this girl Amber that I work with (oh yeah! I finally got a job as a server at a BBQ restaurant called Smokin' Blues) and she said "whatever you do, don't talk to anyone you don't know and don't carry bags with you because you'll probably get mugged." When I got there, Mike and I walked to the subway and bought my metro pass and he told me, "make sure you walk around with a purpose because everyone here is trying to get from one place to another as soon as possible. If you look lost, people will notice and that could be a bad thing." It's safe to say that after Amber and Mike's advice, I was freaking out.

While Mike was at work on Friday, I wandered around Broadway and Times Square and checked out all the stores. In one store, this lady was determined to sell me a coat. She said "what are you doing without a coat," and threw one on me, then went to tell me it made me look very sexy. She then went on to ask me if I was from France because apparently I have a "French kindness" about me....ok. After hours of shopping, I found myself a coat and met up with Mike at Grand Central Station. That night, we took a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge then wandered around Brooklyn for a while.

Saturday was probably the highlight of the trip because I accomplished one of my life goals and finally saw Phantom of the Opera. I have been wanting to see it since I was in 6th grade and Stacie came home from New York and told me all about Phantom. After the show, we went to the Top of the Rock and checked out the city from up above. It seems like it goes on forever. It's definitely bigger than Salt Lake.

I'm not going to keep boring you with every detail of the trip, but....ya. It would've been nicer if it was 40 degrees warmer, but I'm just happy I got to go.

Times Square

If you squint, you can see The Statue of Liberty out there.
It was way too cold and windy for a boat ride.

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Lisa said...

YAY LIZ I FOUND YOUR BLOG! You and Mike are so cute. Love your facey face :D NYC looks beautiful!