Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I would like to dedicate this to LISA

What to blog about today? I got a text from Lisa last night that said it's my turn to blog now, so I guess I better do it. Warm weather is coming, which makes me happy, but that means spiders are coming too. I don't like spiders. Remember that one time I had a panic attack during class because of a picture of a hobo spider? If you don't remember, ask me the story. It was humiliating. My house is so welcoming to things that just shouldn't exist. Fall and spring brings gigantic spiders and winter brings the mice. Last night I found a large spider. It wasn't quite gigantic, but it was a jumping spider, which might be worse than a gigantic spider. Everyone in my house is out of town for spring break right now so I was running around the kitchen with my j.crew skull boots, screaming, and trying to kill this spider. Currently he's smashed on the kitchen floor somewhere. I would clean him up, but I'm sure there's a mouse that was able to outsmart all the traps and will be more than willing to eat that spider up.
Last night at work, we had a guy named John Nemeth preform some jazz music. After, his guitar player came and talked to me and this girl Shae that I work with and asked us all about mormons. He had never met one and was absolutely fascinated by us. He told us that his nickname is Smokey and with a name like that, there's no way he could be mormon. Smokey likes weed too much.
It's time for me to go get ready for my double at work. Whoot whoot! Spring Break '10 at Smokin' Blues.

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Lisa said...

YES YES YES for Lisa posts!!! NO NO NO to SPIDERS/MICE!!! ps I killed one this morning at 4 am in a drunken sleep stupor. Text me back ho.