Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Type I & II

I'm beginning to think my John Mayer obsession is not healthy. I'm back in the library, listening to John Mayer, and wishing he was my boyfriend so I could listen to him sing all day long. By the way, he is coming to USANA on August 31 :)

It's snowing outside and that makes me mad. April 28 is not the day to snow! Hey, it's Colby LaBaron! I'm creeping out the library window and he's walking by. We used to work together at good ol' Impact Cash. Fun story about Colby and Impact: One day at Impact, we were in the last hour stretch from 6-7. It is impossible to collect any money in that hour so we would watch Seinfeld and play games. The game of the day was between Jake, Hailey, and Colby. Jake wasn't blinking, Hailey wasn't laughing, and Colby wasn't breathing and we were seeing who could last the longest. Hailey lost, making it only 30 seconds. Jake won; he didn't blink for 15 minutes! Even more amazing than that is the fact that Colby held his breath for 4 minutes. Another day, we stacked 41 pennies on the top of his hand. He threw his hand up and snatched the pennies from mid-air. It was incredible.

I had a little pre-job interview on Monday for a job in Seattle. I made a fool of myself and have pretty much kissed that job goodbye.

Welp.....the regulation of insulin in the body is calling my name. A-river-darchi


sue said...

It's snowing here too, guess we'll have to go skiing tomorrow! How's the new fridge?

WHIT said...

job in Seattle? WHAT?!

Lisa said...