Sunday, October 17, 2010


A Tribute to my Best Friend For Life

Tonight, I'm procrastinating, so I'm going to blog. Tonight, I am also missing Jane, so I'm going to blog about Jane. Once upon a time, I could not stand Jane. She drove me crazy. I hated playing in the teepee, I got sick of playing circus lion on the trampoline, and I never wanted to play mario party with her. That all changed one day. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was because we were both in junior high and had a hard life and no one understood what we were going through. I have loved Jane since then. We moved up to Logan two days after I graduated from high school and lived together until two months ago and I miss her like crazy. I miss....
  • making rice crispy treats and eating the entire pan during a movie
  • singing and dancing in our attic
  • eating on the kitchen floor, taking turns sitting in front of the heater
  • having a bucket of ice-cold water dumped on me while in the shower
  • watching Jane make humane contraptions to catch the mice
  • Jane watching me (in disgust) killing the mice with sticky pads
  • going to the dungeon together to get our laundry at night because we're too scared to go alone
  • watching "My Sassy Girl"
  • trying on 10 outfits every Sunday morning and going to Relief Society late because we couldn't decide what to wear
  • laughing at each other when one of us would stub our toe on the stove
  • singing in the car at the top of our lungs
  • listening to Jane talk in her sleep (every night)
  • talking to each other in our sleep
  • cutting each others hair (and doing a poor job of it)
  • eating sour skittles together until our mouth is raw
  • making MEGA-BED during finals week
The list goes on. We've had some good times together and I desperately want her to hurry and finish school and move to Salt Lake with me so we can be roommates again.

Love you Janey!

(This picture just about sums up our relationship...special)

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TODD + ANNIE said...

Ahhhh...I loved it. You just summed up Jane perfectly. I could just imagine her humane contraptions she was trying to make for the mice. Much like the time she tried to give a dead chipmunk CPR with a bike pump. That is why we all love Jane! The last picture is so cute!!!!