Wednesday, October 27, 2010

little BLACK book

I've been noticing so many blogs lately that are based completely on peoples love lives (or lack thereof.) I have this habit of trying to keep my dating life as private as possible out of fear that it will end.
& then when people would ask me about said love life, I'd have to tell them it ended, creating an uncomfortable moment. I guess I feel like breaking out of my little dating shell and blogging about it. This could be because I've been doing homework all day and I want to do something else. It's time for a recap.

Let's start back in high school. His name was Kimball. After a year of being my best friend I thought, "hey, maybe there's more?" That lasted for maybe two months. We're a little better at the best friend thing.

Next there was Brian. I met Brian in a test review for my CHEM 1010 class freshman year. He broke the always-leave-at-least-one-empty-seat-between-people rule and sat right next to me. Then he started passing me notes, and went on to use my favorite pick-up line I've ever experienced. Brian passed me a note that said:

Can we hang out?
Pick one.

How lame is that? But it worked. Every time one of us would have a failed relationship, we'd give it another try. After three strikes, we realized that it's just not going to work. Maybe it's because his hair was longer than mine. Keep in mind, my hair's never been that short.

(notice the long curly locks sticking out the hat)

After strike one, I met Caden. You may remember him, we had a good time. We had a good time on round one...and two....and three...and four....but not so much on five. I guess I learned that if there's five rounds in a year, it probably won't work out. But he did teach me how to cross only one eye. If you're dying to see a picture of him, you can see one here or here.

Somewhere after Caden and strike two, I started dating my good friend Mike. He had some really great qualities, like playing the accordion, which can be seen here, almost killing me on a longboard, and great post-skiing hair. Unfortunately, he had one not so good quality, which was taking a job in New York and moving there. You can only handle so many iChat dates. The End.

(post-skiing hair...I think I have a weird obsession with hair. It seems to be the one thing that stands out in every relationship)

Along came strike three and a few other dates that may or may not be worth mentioning.

Now we're up to date. There's Colten. He's pretty great. He hunts (and I do too now.) He wants to cut a mullet and I don't want him to (yet another mention of hair.) I'm convinced to trick him into wearing peacoats and scarves, because I like that. We're going to stop there. I've already given way too much information.

(he's a great Uncle too)

Will I regret this post? Most likely.

Oh well!


Shelby Lou said...

I remember Brian. He was pretty cool but he dressed like gangster. Nolies. Can't wait to do the feature tomorrow! I'm setting it up now!! :D

lizzylu said...

I freaking love this post. You're great.