Wednesday, November 17, 2010

There's a new place in town

The following events occurred in the last month or so in someone's living room:

Savannah: I've been thinking about opening a restaurant.

Bobby: Really, where?

Savannah: I'm not sure.

Bobby: What kind of food do you want to serve?

Savannah: Not sure about that either. Do you have any ideas?

Bobby: Well, there's this restaurant I went to a while back that was really good BBQ. They smoked all their meet and had a stage with live music almost every night. It was a pretty cool place.

Savannah: What do you mean was?

Bobby: At the beginning of October it went out of business. They closed without any warning at all and left all their employees without two months of pay.

Savannah: Do you know if this building is available now?

Bobby: There's been three restaurants that have failed there. I don't think anyone is super anxious to lease the place.

Savannah: Perfect! I think I'm going to buy the lease and open a new BBQ restaurant there. We'll change the name to Savannah's BBQ, but still keep the whole idea. It will probably be super successful like every other restaurant that's been there. If I'm lucky, the meat smoker and all their furniture will still be there so I won't have to put much money into starting it up.

Bobby: .....I'm not sure this is the best idea.

Savannah: Sure it is. Done and done.

I can't guarantee this is exactly how things went down, but I assume it's close to this. I also can't guarantee the names are Savannah and Bobby, but I thought at least Savannah was a good guess. Let's be honest, I can't guarantee any of this, but you better believe that Savannah's BBQ is opening at 71 E. 1200 S. Logan, UT - across the street from Macey's. We'll have to see if this BBQ actually lasts.


Lisa said...

Hmmmmm....are they hiring?

Shelby Lou said...

wow. good luck, BBQ in Logan? I don't know about that...