Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Last month was a good month that included an excessive amount of blogging. This month...not so good. I like to think I can be clever and witty (whether I actually am or not,) and this month my brain has been empty. Maybe it has something to do with all the studying and sleeping on friends couches I was doing. I would like to make this post more exciting, but instead I'll just give a couple updates.

FIRST - I graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Human Movement Science and an emphasis in Exercise Science. Don't ask me what I plan on doing with that because I have no idea.

However - my second update is that I am definitely going to China to teach English in February. I will be there until the end of June. When I get back, you can ask me what I'm going to do with my life, but until then, that question is off limits!

Oh, and one more side note. If you are on a date and going through all the awkward first date questions, do not answer "laughing," to the question "what are your hobbies?" I'm no dating expert, but I do know what things don't work.

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lizzylu said...

I think you're hilarious Liz. It must go along with the territory of the name.