Saturday, September 10, 2011


Are you the type of person who doesn't function unless you feel like your life has broken into complete chaos?

Because I am.
Give me three exams, a project, and a job and I will somehow manage to check off everything on my list, plus have a little fun. Take away school and work and suddenly I can't function. There's one item on my "to do" list everyday and I barely make time to do that. All that wasted time on facebook and playing sudoku on my phone is really filling up my days.

Side note about me. I love numbers. There's something so satisfying when you get a math problem right or when everything fits together. Like in tetris. I love that game too. I remember staring at y=mx+b on a math test in 8th grade and not being able to recall ever seeing the equation before that exact moment. After staring at a big red 30% at the top of my test I swore I would never do that bad in math again. That's probably when I fell in love. When I close my eyes at night all I see is a blank 9x9 grid and the numbers 1-9 start filling in until I complete the sudoku in my mind.

Back from my tangent. In all my free time these last couple weeks I've had plenty of time to sit and miss China. Pretend you miss it too and enjoy some of my favorite pictures (most of which are compliments of Chambrey.)

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