Sunday, October 30, 2011


Remember that one time I went to Boston?  Well now that I'm in bed with strep instead of in the car on my way to St. George I have a few minutes to post some pictures.

I fell in love with the east coast.  I've been to New York a couple times (and love it) but Massachusetts was completely different.  We were there for work, but had plenty of play time in the evenings too.  After work on Monday we went into Boston where I met my boyfriend, Kilted Colin.  Ok, maybe he's not my boyfriend, but we did have three baby dolls together that I helped him juggle on top of a unicycle in his street performing show.  That was fun.

Tuesday night was probably my favorite.  After work we went to Salem where we walked around, shopped, and went on a walking ghost tour around Salem.  I'm pretty sure there's a ghost in one of my pictures.  I had some delicious chowder at Rockafellas to top of the trip to Salem.

Notice the possible ghost in the bottom right corner
Wednesday was a rainy day and the only thing that makes a rainy day better is a cupcake from Mike's Pastry.  Delicious.

Cupcake had a photo shoot.  Red velvet....Yum
On Thursday I found my dream home/town.  Nahant is a a little peninsula that's not far from Boston.  There are sailboats all around and cute little (or huge) colorful homes that you'd find right out of a movie.  I plan on living here one day, probably after I become rich winning the lottery.
It was a tad windy on the beach

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