Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Blue Dots

One day my roommate Corrine came home from district training and said they covered lockdown procedures that day. We were talking about reasons why the school would be in lockdown and how this would hopefully never happen. I'm still not sure what our lockdown procedures are, but maybe I should figure that out because Corrine had her first lockdown last week.
There was a shooting at a nearby gas station and the whole school was in lockdown for two hours past the end of the school day. It sounded miserable. Students were running all around the room, complaining they were hungry, and going to the bathroom in closets and garbage cans. Yes - you read thy right. Going to the bathroom in closets and bathrooms. Apparently that happens all the time during a lockdown. I would prefer holding it, thank you very much.
At ASU that night our professor told us that she didn't know what was going on during their first lockdown. She got to school late and one of her students asked her to let him in the school. She did. He was the shooter. Whoops! Luckily it was only a threat and he didn't actually have a gun.
I'm keeping my Fingers crossed that we don't have a lockdown at THS, but it would be great to figure out the procedures, just in case, so I don't accidentally let the shooter on campus. Hopefully we'll have a really cool code like my high school, "Pardon the interruption, but the blue dots are missing. I repeat - the blue dots are missing."

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