Friday, September 6, 2013

First Year Fifteen

Have you ever heard of the "Freshman Fifteen"?  You know, the dreaded 15 pounds that college Freshman gain?  Despite eating pints of Ben and Jerry's on the kitchen floor at 3:00 AM with my roommate, I managed to avoid the Freshman 15.  In fact, I managed to avoid the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior 15.  No one warned me about the First Year Fifteen.  The dreaded 15 pounds that first year TFAers gain.  Let's be honest, at one point it was the First Year Twenty.  After spending my summer attempting to work that off, I've had to readjust my lifestyle habits so I'm not a victim of the Second Year Sixty.  Snacking on semi-sweet chocolate chips whilst blogging probably isn't a good way to do that (tomorrow's a new day!)

This summer my awesome sis-in-law recommended an 8/12 or 10/14 diet.  Eat for 8 hours, don't eat for 12, or eat for 10 hours, don't eat for 14.  I've adopted the 10/14 idea and it really helps curb my appetite and keeps me from late night munching (unless I'm blogging and there's a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips by my side.)  I've also been trying to get back into running.  I would like to share a screen shot my run one morning last week.

I typically run 9.5 minute miles, but this morning I did 2 miles in 17:37.  For all you people out there who are not mathletes, that's a mile in about 8:48.  Waking up at 4:30 is rough, but I feel so accomplished starting my day with a 3 mile run.  On the to do list before the end of the year I have a 5k, 10k, and sprint triathlon!  Now I just need to find a bike.  Anyone in AZ with a bike that doesn't mind parting with it for a while can give me a call!

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