Monday, September 2, 2013

Football Season!

Thursday night was a rough night when my Aggies lost to the Utes, but all was made well the next day when my Wolverines won the season opener. I'll be the first to admit that sometimes my teacher life can be a little bit boring and lame, but year two is already much better than year one. My friends Tracy and JD moved down here a few weeks ago and went to the game with me Friday night. Aside from the Wolverines winning, the best part of the night was when one of my old students came and sat with us during the second half. He sat down and asked me who my friends were then, completely seriously, said, "I didn't know you had any friends." You know your life is pretty lame when your students legitimately believe you have no friends. Too bad those nuggets don't realize I have a "friendless" life because I love them and spend my evenings grading papers and writing exams. And I love it!

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