Monday, April 7, 2008

End of the Year Show

I've been teaching 4th and 5th grade orchestra since September at Lincoln Elementary and on Friday night my kids had their end of the year performance. My ten kids played with all the other kids in the district. They did such a good job! I've loved teaching them, but I'll be ready for a summer break. The best part of the night was playing with the other teachers. I haven't played in orchestra since 9th grade and I loved playing in a group again. I'm looking forward to teaching my 1st year kids again next year. They have been little angels!
My 2nd year student DJ who is the source of all my headaches
Jane and our 1st year students, Michael, Chandler, and Emily All the schools combined to make one huge orchestra


Mike and Sue said...

Great job Liz! I am so glad I had a chance to see your concert and the fruits of your efforts at work over the past year.



PS - Good job on the blog!!

Beckstrom Bunch said...

You braved an entire year...and you're going back next year!! You are a wonder woman. But at least your major source of a headache won't be there to give you problems : )

Stacie said...

haha i read the comment "your major source of a headache" then i saw the picture of Jane. Haha i love both of you!

BECAUSE... said...

Congratulations Buddha Butt!!! You are a pretty rockin little sis. Thanks for telling me about the blog...