Thursday, April 24, 2008

Late nights and libraries

Just now, I decided I have officially spent way too much time in the library and studying this week. Sunday and Monday night involved working on projects until 2 or 4 in the morning. The last two weeks have also consisted of chemistry SI's or review session things. Finals are the worst part of the semester. I've thought about killing myself lately....ok, that's a little extreme, but I've definitely thought about going to sleep and never waking up. Or there have also been the thoughts about going against everything I believe and purchasing a rockstar or monster to keep me up through all the studying. You may be thinking, "Now Liz, if you have so much studying, why are you sitting in the library writing about absolutely nothing important on your blog." The answer to that question is that I need a little break. That and I'm waiting for my friend to finish his project so we can go study some more chemistry. Sad thing is, if I'm lucky I'll pull off a B+ in this class and I've been studying for this test almost two hours everyday for the last week. Lets just say, I am so excited for summer. After three semesters straight of school, I need a break. Hopefully this summer will consist of a lot of swimming and boating. Unfortunately, it will also consist of a lot of work (if I can get a job.) Ok, I'm done procrastinating. I hope you enjoyed reading about my boring life as much as I enjoyed writing about it!


sue said...

You will do great on your finals . . . i know you will! Relax and get some sleep. I promise I'll make you some cookies and we will go shopping when you are all finished!

Beckstrom Bunch said...

Liz you'll do fabulous. And I've learned (after years of being uptight about grades) that a B+ is a great grade. By the way, can I go shopping too?