Friday, May 2, 2008

Packing, creepers, and slrupees!!!!!

Right now I'm moving and it is a mess! My bedroom is like a maze. I haven't even started my cleaning assignment yet and I feel like my day is almost over. Tomorrow will be a long day! My bed is covered in boxes right now and Jane was sleeping on my love sac because she took home all her bedding so last night I planned on sleeping at my friend Cassie's. I came home to grab something and Bre and Jane were both quite shaken up. About 10 minutes before they were both in bed when they woke up to what sounded like my violin. When Jane finally realized she wasn't dreaming the sound she opened her eyes and was blinded by a flashlight. She kept asking who was there and when the person didn't respond she hurried and sat up and they ran out. Right about then, Bre walked out of her room to see two boys running out of my apartment. As most of you may know, Jane had a little run in with two boys this semester who are not too happy with her because there is a very good chance they are going to jail. We were all a little concerned about Jane's safety so we locked all the doors, turned on the lights, and slept together in my bed.
This morning one of my neighbors asked me where I slept last night because when he snuck into my apartment he didn't see me in my room or in Jane's. For some reason, the two boys still don't understand that their little prank last night was not a funny one. It resulted in Jane, Bre, Cassie, and myself not getting any sleep last night because we were all worried about the person who was going to sneak into my apartment.
OOO!!! Bre just came in my room with a coupon for one free slurpee. Thats an offer I can't refuse!

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Beckstrom Bunch said...

Lame boys! That would freak me out too. Good luck with the move today : )