Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Most of you probably know hat right now, I am homeless. I decided to move into a house with Jane for the school year so I sold my contract at my apartment but the problem is that I had to be out of my apartment on August 2, but I can't move into the house until August 23. Right now I have a closet that some people call a car and a couch that I sleep on. It's pretty fun. But I have something to look forward to We are going to Lake Powell on Monday so I won't have to worry about my homeless state for a whole week! Oh, and I am really excited for my house for one reason. Unfortunately I have to share a bedroom, but on the bright side, I get to sleep in a bunk bed! I am so excited. My cousins always had bunk beds when they were growing up and I was so jealous, but now I get to sleep in a bunk bed! I can't wait!


Aaron, Lindzi, Alta, and Finn said...

Poor Buddha. Too bad you don't live in like, Heber or something cuz you are homeless and I am home alone in a giganic empty house full of empty beds. We could have had a symbiotic relationship just like in science class (like grasshoppers and spiders, or something like that.) Anyway, too bad, but seriously you should come up with Whit sometime and we'll have a slumber party! I am in the middle of setting up a bunk bed in one of the spare rooms even! Its a double bed too!
Well, Later Tater

Mr Sansom said...

I love you sister! I'm so proud of you, roughin it! Out of the three sisters I think I would have expected it first from Whit, then you and then Meg. ...sorry Meg. ;-)

Azerbaijan and Austria have been cool. This is the third time I've been back to Vienna since May. I feel like I have a summer home here and I'm starting to get to know people. I got on the trolly and found a laundry mat to do some wash. By the time I was done I had a BFF family from Pakistan and two new friends from India wanting to take me for pizza. hahaha

loves and hugs!!

Mr Sansom said...

uh, maybe we deserve an update? i hear--from alan--that you have a nice house. how's that going? ...and the house, do you like that too? ;-) oooohhhhh, snap!

Todd & Annie said...

I KNOW you aren't homeless anymore.