Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mi Casa

It's been well over a month since I've wrote anything, so I decided, since I'm sitting home alone, I might as well! Last month I moved into my new house with Jane, Cherish, and Karen. There are some good things and bad things about my house:

1. I moved in with Cherish, Jane, and Karen. Unfortunately three weeks ago, some guy stopped by and announced that we had an illegal amount of people living in our house so Cherish had to move out last weekend.

2. My house is this cute little old house that has two bedrooms, family/living room, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room, but it's so old that whenever a truck drives past it, the whole house shakes.

3. We have a laundry room!!!! The bad news is that it's in a creepy cellar that we like to call "the dungeon". Even I have to duck to walk through the door. There are hobo spiders everywhere and I am convinced there is a hobo that sleeps down there at night too. That would be the reason I still haven't done my laundry down there yet.

4. It's only two blocks west of campus. The only bad thing is that I have to climb up a hill that is the equivelent of Mt. Everest everyday to get to class.

So far I have loved living in this house more than I ever enjoyed living in an apartment. I am just really not looking forward to this winter when my house will be FREEZING! It's about 40 degree's in the morning right now and I am wearing a sweatshirt and wrapped up in a blanket in the mornings because it is so cold (my house just shook again). I wanted to take pictures, but my camera is broken so you will have to use your imagination of what it looks like. Let me paint you a picture: Light blue house with a purple front door. Inside there are hard wood floors going through the whole house and very colorful walls. The kitchen has bright blue tile and a wood burning stove to keep us warm this winter. Jane and I share a room upstairs in "the loft" and Karen has her own little room downstairs. It's pretty awesome. You should be jealous.


sue said...

Can't wait to see your house, I'll be coming soon!

Todd & Annie said...

Ahh, I am totally jealous! You should finish the basement and let Todd and I come rent it out (HA!). We will have to come see you girls. Oh, and I have a solution to your dilemma with hiking your little Mt. Everest to get to school. Buy an automatic wheelchair. However, I recommend you get snow tires with studs put on it for the winter.

Beckstrom Bunch said...

You have to duck to go into the dungeon? It must be small!! (That's said with lots of love from one shorty to another.)