Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another one bites the dust...

I ran down the stairs this morning in a hurry to get up to The Beav for a sweet ski day when I noticed a mouse stuck at the bottom of my stairs. I decided to let Karen take care of it when she woke up since I was in a rush. As I went to run up the stairs, I realized the mouse and the trap was gone. To my surprise, the mouse was running through my house dragging the trap with him. An epic battle had begun. Luckily, I came out on top.

Then went and enjoyed a sick day of powder at the beav, but now my body aches and all I can think about is my comfortable bed calling my name. The moral of the story: Never give up on killing mice. There will always be more!

1 comment:

Todd Sansom said...

I need some documentation... Where's the evidence? PETA is going to take you down!