Monday, February 2, 2009

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

Whitney tagged me a long time ago and I decided that maybe I'll finally do my part, so here we go....

1. I have never broken a bone. I have my fair share of joint problems and x-rays, but no bone breaks

2. I live in the coolest house ever. It has a wood burning stove, something I have decided every house should have. That or a fireplace. Who said you can't go camping and make s'mores in the winter? I can do it in my kitchen anytime.

(I had to put up this picture. The wranglers and
cowboy boots really add to the wood burning stove.)

3. I am terrified of spiders. I was sitting in psychology one day and we were talking about panic attacks and what usually happens when people have them. Some things mentioned were heavy, quickened breathing, sweating, and shaking. Then my teacher said some people who are scared of spiders have panic attacks when they just look at spiders. He then flashed a huge picture of a hobo spider on the screen. My hands started shaking. The temperature in the classroom went up a few degrees. I started breathing extremely fast. On top of all that, I started crying. Yup, started crying in my seat because there was a PICTURE of a spider on the wall. You can only imagine what happened when he picked up a jar and told us there was a spider in it....

4. Another I have never: I have never had the chicken pox. When I woke up this morning with red spots all over my legs I got a little worried that my vaccine did not work and I did after all get chicken pox. Good news! I've been taking antibiotics for an ear infection and it's probably just from that.

5. I have what is possibly the weirdest pet peeve ever. I HATE it when people squeeze the toothpaste tube in some random spot. It has to be squeezed at the end of the tube, then pushed up. It drives me crazy if it is done any other way. I always know when Jane has been using my toothpaste because she does not grasp the concept of squeezing from the end of the tube.

6. One more reason my house is the coolest house ever. I can do a handstand with my feet on the ceiling in my bedroom. It makes me feel so tall. I also have to duck my head when I'm walking down my staircase and that really helps me feel better about being a short person.

7. When I was born, Maleficent cursed me with a curse that would keep me from ever learning how to cook. I burn baked potatoes and bagel bites. I even managed to ruin an ego waffle in the toaster last week. The only way for the curse to be lifted is for me to prick my finger on a spinning needle or something like that.

7 1/2. This is more a fun fact. The total number of mice killed was six. We haven't heard or seen any for about a month so I think it's safe to say they are gone.

That's that. Stacie, you better do this! No need for me to pick seven people, I just want Stacie to do it.

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