Monday, March 2, 2009

Never Trust a Whisk

Last week I decided that after almost two years of frozen dinners and peanut butter and honey sandwiches it was about time that I used appliances other than the microwave and toaster. After church yesterday I took a stab the Ivory Family's favorite banana bread.

They say practice makes perfect, but I believe that it takes a long time and some help from the queen chef Lisa to create something mediocre. The first loaf did not turn out so well. I'm not an expert at food or anything, but I'm almost positive that the loaf is not supposed to be burned on the sides then sunken and doughy in the middle.

After the very depressing sunken loaf, I made some muffins that turned out pretty good and a second loaf that actually tastes ok. The reason for that is probably that we added chocolate chips to the dough, not because I miraculously turned into a chef.

Now if you are looking for some good recipes or cooking advice, this is not the place to be. You will only find disappointment and food that tastes a little bit funky. You should probably be looking at Mercedes blog if that is what you want. Also, I have one warning. Don't take naps shortly after making banana bread. You may have dreams of banana bread taking over the kitchen in forms of bread, muffins, and dough.


sue said...

Way to go Elizabeth, think what you will be able to cook after 4 years of college. I love your haircut lots!

WHIT said...

OMG!! I am trying so hard not to laugh my guts out right now. I am at work and unfortunately other people moved into the office so I can't read blogs, watch SNL skits, and have loud music any longer ;)

You are maybe THE funniest person I know, and that is why I love your FREAKING guts