Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Epic Weekend

Since I'm going to be moving home the next two weekends, last weekend was my last weekend in Logan until school starts again in the fall. Therefore, it had to end on an awesome note, and it did. It started off with the Logan Gallery Walk, a bunch of art gallery's set up all over downtown Logan. Some of the art was really lame, but some of it was awesome. After that, I went to Firehouse and ran into one of my best friends Laura and her new fiance. Basically made my day to find out they are getting married because they are two of the coolest people ever. Then I went up to a big dance on the quad (or, as Laura's mom called it, the square) on campus with a bunch of my friends.

On Saturday morning, I got to go to little Rachel's piano competition and she was a rockstar. I wish that I was as good at the violin as she is at the piano. Naturally, when she was done playing, we had to walk across the street and get a few scoops of Aggie ice-cream. Delicious! Saturday night, Caden and I went on a big group date to our friends house/farm. We went shooting and I got a bunch of mud in my hair and perfected the art of eating sunflower seeds. Justin's farm is the funnest place ever. They have every farm animal you can imagine, plus some cool random ones. There were puppies, goats, pigs, cattle, horses, a zonkey, a zebra, and a camel. Yes, that's right. A zonkey, a zebra, and a camel.

After chruch on Sunday, Caden and I went on a walk and decided it was perfect weather to go to the lake. So we made a little picnic and drove up to Bear Lake. That place is completely dead right now. There wasn't another person in sight on the beach. We raced, had handstand contests, and had a competition to see who could keep there feet in the freezing cold water longer (which I won).

We ended the day with a little motorcycle ride through Logan on his new bike. It was an awesome weekend. You should be jealous.

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