Friday, June 19, 2009

A Trip to the Zoo

I decided it is time for a new post after almost two months, so here we go.  The problem has been that there is nothing going on in my life to "blog" about.  But this weekend I did go to Logan for a fun little excursion.  Today, Jane, Shelby, and I were sitting outside aggie ice-cream with a carton of aggie blue mint and three spoons and we were watching all the kids at EFY.  It was their free time so there were tons of them there.  We enjoyed reminiscing on the times that we went to EFY and realized that it hasn't changed at all.  There was the group of four boys who thought they were hot and they were walking around with their top button undone, the tie a little loose, shirt untucked, and the sleeves rolled up.  Then there was the short boy that everyone thought was kind of obnoxious, but he thought he was really cool as he threw is arm around one girls shoulder and said, "you and I need to have a little chat."  She then rolled her eyes and followed him away from the group.  Then there were the girls who you know woke up around 5:00 AM so they would have enough time to shower and put on more make up than I even own in hopes of finding a cute boy to escort them to their classes.  But my favorite person to watch was the 15 year-old girl who had a crush on her councilor and was shamelessly flirting with him by talking and laughing at a volume much louder than was necessary.  She also had mastered the art of flipping her hair.  We felt like we were at the zoo as we sat there on the grass with our curly afro hair do's, stained shirts, and ice-cream, watching and studying the teenage animals.  I started to wonder if we really looked that small when we were their age, which I'm sure I did when I was a solid 5' and 85 pounds.  It was extremely entertaining.   

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Beckstrom Bunch said...

Come on Liz...weren't you the 15 year old shamelessly flirting with the counselor?!