Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes

If that is true, my heart is wishing for a life of rebelion. I had a dream the other night that I was with my two friends Jeremy and Kade and we decided to break into someone's house to steal some stuff. Who knows what, we just wanted to steal something. Apparently, someone was home and heard us. I escaped on a motorcycle, but Kade and Jeremy were not so lucky. After cruising around for a while, I decided to head back to the house to see if I could find them. I went inside and there was a party. I found the boys hanging out with the guy that lived in the house. They had befriended him and he was so generously letting them smoke some of his weed.
According to a dream dictionary, I have unrealized and unfulfilled dreams. I also have a hard time letting people in and desire freedom and adventure. Another website told me that I am mindful of watchful eyes right now. I am independent, but vulnerable and lack protection. The smoking of weed is a sign that problems exist in my life.
I also have work nightmares almost every night. Those are the worst! Last night I dreamt that a woman told my boss that I was being rude and I should be fired. She left me $203 on a $202 check and I was furious. When I asked her why, she said I was making fun of her by limping around the restaurant. I told her that I have arthritis and always limp. At that point, she apologized and said I should probably avoid my boss. Sometimes, I dream that I forgot to give someone their food and I wake up in panic. Serving nightmares are terrible. I wish them on no one!