Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hello kitchen. We meet again.

I have blogging bulimia. I binge then purge. This last month has been a purge spell and I apologize to my dear sweet blog that entertains possibly two people other than myself.

Now that I work in a restaurant, I'm starting to appreciate food more. I'm still almost
the pickiest person in the world, (not the pickiest, thanks to my dad, the man who will not eat
peanut butter,) but I am branching out. My favorite things on the Smokin' Blues Barbeque menu? Ribs and fried catfish. I bet none of you saw that coming! I love ribs. How weird is that? I also love cooking. Many of you, (or just the two of you who read this,) know that cooking is n
ot my forte. I've been banned from the kitchen in past apartments. I once managed to burn a potato in the microwave and find macaroni and cheese above my skill level.

I will now take this time to show off my new and improved cooking ability...

Exhibit A: My macaroons that I made for the aloha party

Exhibit B: The kabobs for Mom's Birthday/Fathers Day
(with help of Whitney during the assembly and Todd for grilling)

Now, let's hope that this is the end of my blogging purge. I'm ready to enter the blog world again.

Au Revoir!

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