Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jack Jumped over the Candlestick Park

CONFESSION. I never went to Candlestick Park, but I drove by it everyday and I'm trying to be clever and witty with my title. Here's some things that we actually did...

We went to Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 to scope out some great seafood places so...

...Jane and Bryan could eat crab. Our waiter was kind enough to tie the bibs on each of them. He also taught Jane how to crack the shell and thoroughly enjoyed making fun of her the entire meal.

Tuesday morning, we went to the Dodger's stadium at 7 AM to wait four hours for our wristbands and tickets to American Idol. On Thursday we went to the park at 5 AM and waited in line for three hours to be let in the stadium. Once we were actually in the stadium, we waited two hours for auditions to start then another four hours for Jane and Charleigh to get their turn.

After the auditions, we went to Monterey to go to the aquarium and the beach. Later that night we drove down to Carmel so Charleigh could fulfill her life dream of kicking a seagull or pigeon (she's still working on that one.)

We went out to Alcatraz and took an audio tour of the prison. I would recommend it. It was pretty neat.

On Friday we drove out to the Muir Woods to see the redwood trees. We never actually made it to the redwoods, but we did go to Muir Wood and Stinson Beach, which were both beautiful.
It was a pretty fun week and a nice little get away to take before school starts (which happens on Monday.) I enjoyed San Francisco for a vacation, but it's definitely not a place I'd want to move to.

Denver's better.

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