Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I have recently entered unemployment.

Let me explain....last night there was an accident. I don't really know exactly what happened, but from what I've heard, a semi-truck rolled in front of the restaurant last night. After taking out the power line, it exploded twice. We lost all power to the restaurant and it was out all night. The walk-in fridge and freezer warmed right up and all the food went bad. We now have to throw out all the food and start over. Therefore, I am unemployed until further notice (which is probably next Tuesday.) How fun is that?

P.S. I'm a hunter now.

Charleigh and I pre-hunting hike and happy as can be!

Post-hunting hike and hating life.

We didn't catch anything, but I hiked with a gun. I think that makes me a hunter.


WHIT said...

I don't think you 'catch' things while hunting. Pretty sure that's more of a fisher/trapper term...just saying. You're special

Todd Sansom said...

congrats on the unemployment and the recent move to hunter/gatherer. i couldn't be more proud. i do have plenty of editing you could do. i'll teach you the skills and pay you ($1/hr). now that's what i call a good deal!!