Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm starting to blog more regularly again. That can only mean one thing: school's back. I'm a pro at procrastinating. Last night at 1 AM, as I was jotting down my goals that I forgot were due today, I made it a goal to not wait until the last minute to complete assignments and study for tests. Well, here I am sitting in the library and I should be studying for my quiz that I have in my night class, but instead I'm blogging. Blogging is my favorite form of procrastination. Other than procrastination, my inspiration for the blog today is Andrew Lloyd Weber. He's amazing, isn't he? iPod's are a great invention. I can be blasting whatever my heart desires into my ears, and no one around me knows! Favorite song to run to? Mariah Carey; All I Want for Christmas is You. Favorite song to lift weights to? NSync; Tearin' up my Heart. Favorite music in the library? Phantom of the Opera. Currently listening to, Past the Point of No Return. That's how I feel about my classes this semester. I hate them! They are so boring, but I've started them. I'm 14 short weeks away from my final day as a college student. There's no backing out now. I have to finish....
Back to my procrastinating, I'm wondering how the library can already be so full! All the computers and rooms around me are being used right now. It's the second week of school. Is everyone super motivated, unlike me, or are they all procrastinating too?
Did I mention I have an awesome brother and sisters? Little shout out to Whitney, Megan, and Todd for buying me John Mayer tickets and not hating me for taking a date instead of one of them. Love you guys :)

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