Thursday, November 25, 2010

I love ___________

In honor of Thanksgiving, I'm going to provide a list of all the things I love. I do love my family and friends and a bunch of other things that are very important to me, but I don't feel like being sentimental right now. We're going to talk about material things.

- My yellow ski jacket. I feel super thug in it because it's really big. The bigness also keeps my bum warm. Win-win.

- The color purple. Literally - not the book. I've never read the book. There should be a subcategory for all the things I love that are purple
  • computer case
  • backpack
  • running shoes
  • sweatshirt
  • walls in my bedroom
  • ski hat, which is fully equipped with headphones
  • you get the idea....I love purple
- My children. They both are called, "my baby." I'll be honest, I love my older baby than my younger baby. I think she's much prettier. Oh and by the way, my children are my violin and guitar.

- This music video. It's bomb.

- The space heater Megan let me borrow. I pretend like it's a fireplace and frequently take naps in front of it.

- boots. Boots. BOOTS! I love boots. Along with that is coats. And scarves too. If winter wasn't so cold, it would be my favorite season for the boots, coats, and scarves.

- The Phantom of the Opera. Have I mentioned that it is amazing! Falling asleep watching it in bed is a favorite evening activity.

- Hot chocolate with hazelnut and mini marshmallows.

- My green curtains.

- "Brass Bed" by Josh Gracin.

- The carpet in my parent's basement.

- My computer. I cried when I opened it last year. I also had one glistening tear when my awesome siblings gave me John Mayer tickets for my birthday. If anyone wants to give me a present that will make me cry this year, plane tickets to the most amazing city would be greatly appreciated.

- Special K Fruit and Yogurt cereal. Delicious.

- Modern Family

- My cream lace tights from H&M

- Megan's skier blanket that I have kidnapped for life. Sorry Meg.

- My running shoes (once again, purple)

All of these are things I could easily live without, but I'm so happy I don't have to :)


The Bells said...

I am also grateful for the carpet in your parents' basement and modern family.

S.Koga said...

-my white ski jacket is probably way more gangster than your yellow one...also my one piece snowsuit.
-REAL children=intruments (that i don't really know how to play), computers, cameras.
-i am going to do a stop motion like her morning elegance for a photo project (prrroooobably you should be jealous)
-space heaters are fire hazards
-coats, scarves, and any warm shoe.
-oh geez...
-hazelnut anything
-josh gracin?
-my parents' carpet freaking sucks.
-MY computer. i danced around my house for at least half an hour when i finally bought it.
-yogurt and 10 almonds for breakfast.
-my cream lace tights from H&M
-my bed...?
-my snowboard.

...i am lame. sorry.

S.Koga said...

p.s. clap for me now...just do it.