Monday, November 29, 2010

Worse than Gettysburg and Pearl Harbor

My face is currently under attack. I'm not exactly sure what happened. At some point in the last week my butt chin and between the eyebrows has broken out in a full blown massacre of zits. I would take a picture to prove to you dear readers, but I would rather not ever remember this unfortunate event. I counted the "between the eyebrow" region tonight and we are at a grand total of 14. That's right fourteen! I'm occasionally graced with the zit or two, but have been blessed to be very unfamiliar with the cursed red dot. You can only imagine what this invasion is doing to my self esteem. My old roommate Meo (like the cat,) was able to send that self esteem to an ultimate low. When she saw me tonight, the first thing she said to me was not, "hello." In her thick Vietnamese accent she said, "Leeez, what happened to your face?" I proceeded to run to the corner of the room and hide my face. She continued, "it looks like Harry Potter's scar is on your forehead." Wooopah! That's the sound of me hitting that ultimate low mentioned before.

On a lighter note, we had great weather in Logan today. Nice clear blue skies. It only got down to -6 degrees outside! Fourteen more days....I will survive!


Anonymous said...

I am currently experiencing the SAME problem. Maybe it's the weather? Or something in the Logan water. I'm not sure, but it's super embarassing.

Katie Jane said...

Meo.... is legit.

The Bells said...

Uggh, I feel for you. Only, my face is like that ALL THE TIME. You never do get used to it. Anyway, if you need some help let me know, I found some great products that I really like. Sorry Liz. :( Boo