Thursday, November 11, 2010

"I work too hard and care too much"

Interviews are possibly one of the most awkward experiences to go through. I absolutely hate interview questions.

What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses?
What's one thing you would like to change about yourself?
What makes you better than everyone else?

I feel like I'm sucking up to a complete stranger the entire time. Maybe I don't have enough self confidence, but I really don't think I'm exceptional. While I'm in interviews, I always wonder, "how do other people answer this question?" Do you think everyone is giving the exact same answers? "I am a hard worker, motivated, and dedicated. You want me to be a part of your team because I won't give up until the job is done!" It's not like a lie or anything during interviews, but I feel like I'm trying to make myself sound better than I really am. The worst interview questions I've ever had were probably, "do you wear your seatbelt everywhere you go?" and, "If you could build a house out of any food, what would it be and why?" What kind of a question is that! Naturally, I said chocolate, but I don't understand how that applies to being able to teach someone how to waterski.

One more thing to complain about before I'm done. I might lose it if I have one more interview that goes GREAT and then ends with, "Oh, you know what. I forgot to check your availability date. This position isn't going to work for you. Sorry."

Availability date ruining my life: 2
Liz getting a job: 0


Cassie Johnson said...

Sorry Lizzy,

You will find something. As far as the odd questions, those are odd questions but i appreciate your chocolate house :) Any word on Cleveland? When is your availability date? If you need anything let me know!

Love you


Liz said...

Umm...Cleveland is still an option. They want me to talk to the past interns before we interview again, but I'm not sure how I feel about it considering the no pay part. I'm moving back to Salt Lake on December 14 so I'm available after then. Have any job suggestions for me!?

Cassie Johnson said...

No, sorry but if you happen to find 2 other jobs in SLC for me and Taylor, we would be happy to hop on a plane!