Saturday, November 13, 2010


It was Colten's birthday yesterday/today. Yesterday because technically, it was yesterday, but today because I still haven't gone to bed yet. You read it right, he's 26. We celebrated it the only way you can celebrate beginning your 26th year of life - pheasant hunting EARLY in the morning, pheasant hunting in the afternoon (this time without me,) dinner, then watching Sandlot in a fort.

WARNING LISA! This post contains a picture of a large dead animal :)

Isn't he cute?

Did I mention he likes to hunt?
This is where I brag about his awesome hunting skills,
and the massive bull elk consuming half of his room.

Ok, I'm done.....

Happy Birthday Colten!


lizzylu said...

Holy crap. That things huge!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the warning but I still looked. We listened to elk's bugling in class today. What's with all the posting? I'm going to have to keep up now...