Saturday, January 1, 2011

King Kong

This one is dedicated to you {king kong}, I hope the nightmares haven't taken over your dreams quite yet.

Anyone who has served in a restaurant knows that the job comes with terrible nightmares. You wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat trying to remember whether or not you gave table 44 the dessert they ordered and realize you completely neglected table 63. It's not your fault, the hostess shouldn't have sat someone there. It's not even your section.
Then reality hits and you realize it was only a dream.
I worked for three days at Savannah's BBQ before I moved back to Salt Lake and am still suffering from the nightmares. In last nights dream, I forgot to wear my shoes to work. Luckily, I had an extra pair of shoes in my purse. I was about to put them on, when I managed to drop them and they fell into the drain under the dishwasher. While fishing out my shoes, one of the hosts told me I had a table in the 40's. I finally recovered my shoes and went out to the dining area to realize that there were three tables sitting in the 40's. The hosts wouldn't tell me which table was mine, then when they finally did, they also informed me that I had four other tables. I started running to all the tables trying to take their drink orders when I realized the menu had completely changed and we were now a Mexican restaurant.
At that moment, my eyes flew open and I found myself lying in bed with my heart racing.

I hate serving nightmares.


S.Koga said...

haven't had one yet.
i'm thinking that when i do it will include you spilling drinks everywhere.
just sayin.

Todd Sansom said...

you need a serious redesign.

Liz said...

Your face needs a redesign.