Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hong Kong!

I made it to Hong Kong! I'm alive, but not well. Stupid cold. I think a train got in my room while I was sleeping last night and ran me over. Don't ask me how it happened, I just know it did. Yesterday, we rode a cable car to the peak of Hong Kong while the sun was setting. It was pretty neat. Today we are riding a tram up to the giant Buddha and I am so excited for that! Once all the smog clears up, it is beautiful here! I just talked to Megan, Luke, and Jack on facetime and Jack Jack said it doesn't look like he thought it would. It's a city surrounded by this crazy green jungle, not "more red and gold."

Ok, I can't think straight, I'm all drugged up and sickly, but enjoy the Hong Kong update and I'll see you all in Shenzhen!

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