Monday, February 14, 2011

Without the Girl

Hi Everyone! It's Whit, Liz's older sister who everyone always thinks is younger (just saying). Buddha (as I so endearingly call her) sent me an email and asked me to write a post on her blog. As I was reading the email and logging-in I realized that the most horrible song had surfaced in my iTunes shuffle. Without the Girl by Daniel Bedingfield. Ew! bad. But it is what my life has come to be...without the girl.

I am without the girl to tell me my outfits don't match, teach me the same song on the guitar for the 7th time, listen to me rant about this or that, clean the shower & toilet half of the bathroom, tag along with me everywhere, stink up my bedroom, overeat with me, watch Bachelor/Glee/Modern Family with me, scratch my back at church, face the difficulties (or not so difficulties) of living with your perfect parents, yada, yada, yada.

Yes, life is grim without this girl, but there are two things that keep me going:

1) The 159 link long paper chain I made which is adorning my walls and ceiling

2) As it turns out, Blogspot is blocked in China (out of Hong Kong I guess), so little buddha will be blogging about china life from Wordpress instead. Check it out to get your daily dose of your favorite girl you're living without.

1 comment:

Ash said...

I love the buddha. Come home little girl! We have so much to do together:)