Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello Blog

It's me. Liz. You probably don't remember me since I've done one post in the last six months. Well, last night my good friends Charleigh and Cheyanne put on a little show at Why Sound in Logan. PS - they did awesome.

On the way home today I mentioned that I've never been to Promontory Point to see the original Golden Spike. I was with Carson and he'd n
ever been there either so we decided, why not?

I'm sure you're curious, so here's some fun facts I learned (or probably actually re-learned) today.
  • The original golden spike is not at Promontory Point, but is on display at Stanford University. That was a let down.
  • The Jupiter was a wood burning engine that I believe came from the west. I was really disoriented there so I'm not exactly sure. If it wasn't west, it was east.
  • The 119 was a coal burning steam engine that came from the east (or the west.)
  • Carson can't compete with the 119 engineer's mustache.

  • The Central Pacific Railroad progressed by about 8 inches a day through the Sierra Nevada's
  • Someone from Hitler, Germany visited the National Historic Site sometime in the last week

Two thumbs up for trains

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