Thursday, September 15, 2011

I can count to 70

Today was day two of (possible) half-marathon training. It went so much better that I can't even wait to get home to blog about it. Good thing I have a couple minutes to do it on my phone before community Spanish class starts!
The great debate was treadmill or track. When I walked in the gym a zumba class was going on in the middle of the track so obviously that meant track. I started off with a few laps around the track then took off running. It was a miracle! I went 3 miles without stopping. I'm pretty sure I've never run that far without stopping (sad but true.) The grand total running was 3.5 miles. Definitely an improvement from yesterday's two miles.
Can I get a whoot!?

(PS, 70 times around the track = 4 miles)

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