Monday, October 31, 2011

Race Re-cap

It's time for the re-cap of my Halloween half!  The race was on Saturday and started just about Sundance in Provo Canyon.  It went down the canyon and ended at the shops at Riverwoods.  I was really nervous for a few reasons.

1.  It was not only my first half, but my first race!
2.  It's mostly downhill and I wasn't sure how my knees would handle it.
3.  I was in Boston the week before the race and knew I wouldn't have enough time that week to get some good training in.
4.  I hate running.

Let's be honest, concerns 1 through 4 (mostly 3 and 4) prevented me from ever even signing up for the race.  I quit before it even started.  It's a good thing I did though.  I must've known I was going to be sick that morning and not able to run the race anyway.

We'll give that Thanksgiving 5K a shot instead.

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