Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boston, again.

This week brought another trip to Massachusetts for work.  I was definitely excited to be back in my own bed Thursday night.  Here's how the trip went....

We left Wednesday morning for Chicago.  I don't know if there's no direct flights to Boston, or if the guy who books flights just hates us, but we always have a layover in Chicago.  The flight there wasn't bad at all.  We had just enough time in Chicago to grab a snack wrap at McDonald's and board the next plane.  My coworkers son came out with us so they could stay and visit her sister.  By the time we picked up all the luggage, dropped off her son, got some delicious dinner from the Cheesecake Factory, and checked into the hotel, it was 1:00 AM.  We were up 4 hours later to head to work.

Work.  It was a very successful day.  No problems with the machines, no angry people, and no computer problems.  Of course, an assessment can't be perfect so one thing had to go wrong.  One of the participants sat down and told me he doesn't really like needles or blood so he was going to look away and to let him know when it was safe to look again.  The second the needle hit his finger, his face got pale, eyes rolled back, and he fainted.  When he started shaking and we thought he was going to have a seizure I was a little worried, but then he luckily woke up.  The guy was a good sport and laughed it off.

My flight was three hours after we finished working.  Plenty of time to get to the airport, right?  Wrong!  Boston traffic is terrible.  I was running through the airport to make it to my gate, but found out the gate had been changed when I got there.  It was about 5:30 and my flight was scheduled to leave at 5:35.  I ran to the right gate to find out my flight had luckily been delayed.  Unfortunately, this meant I'd be cutting it close to my connecting flight in Chicago.

When the plane landed in Chicago, I ran to a bus that drove me across the airport to where my connecting flight was.  *Note* Avoid connecting flights at Chicago's O'Hare Airport.  Huge airport, really inconvenient.  Lucky for me, this flight was also delayed for 10 minutes so I was able to make it.

I finally landed in Salt Lake and was happy to be home where nothing else could go wrong.  But luggage never showed up.  Turns out it was left in Chicago.  It did finally show up at my house yesterday afternoon and now I have two more days to recover before I'm on the road again.  Moral of the story:  Don't fly United.  (Or do, if you plan on showing up late to the airport.)


lizzylu said...

What do you do for work? Do you like it?

lizzylu said...

Also, I was just looking at your list of blogs you follow and I like that mine is in a different color. :) Yay!

Liz said...

It is? Haha I had no idea. The companies called Orriant and we do corporate wellness. I do health assessments so I travel around to all our clients and test their employees blood pressure, body comp, cholesterol, and glucose. It has its up and downs, but overall I like it!