Sunday, October 16, 2011

Southwest & Northeast

I can't sleep. This is extremely inconvenient considering I'm going on four hours of sleep & have to be up for work in less than five hours. Curse you jet lag.

There's an alarm clock going off in the room next to mine. Its been going off for about 30 minutes so I'm pretty sure no one's even staying in there. And now Wicked is playing. This night just keeps getting worse!

Enough of my complaining. Today's flights were quite the experience. Despite the pilot almost crashing the plane when we touched down in Boston & being extremely bored with no television, I would recommend flying Southwest on your next flight. Here's why: the flight attendants.

Our first one was hilarious. His little oxygen mask/floatation device schpeel was better than Tommy Callihan & Richard's. My favorite part was, "if you have two kids that's your problem, not mine. Pick the one you love more & help that one with their mask." Or at the end, after a round of applause, he said, "thank you for clapping, but I have a couple divorces under my belt so I'd appreciate you stuffing money in my shirt & pockets as I walk down the isle." Our flight attendant on the connecting flight sang when we took off & landed. Yes. Sang.

It was a treat. As much as I loved this day, I would really love it if the alarm would stop going off so I can fall asleep & have it be tomorrow.