Friday, December 23, 2011


I have been extremely hesitant to post about this little something out of fear that it doesn't pan out.  Kind of like relationships.  But the suspense is killing me and making me a little antsy and I can't keep it in anymore.

In October I applied for Teach For America.  This is a program that allows you to teach in a low-income area for two years while working on your Masters.  Which brings up another little update.  After almost four years of school and one year of looking for the perfect job in wellness or sports med, I've returned to the original plan.  Teaching.  I changed my degree from Elementary Education to Exercise Science my Freshman year, but now I'm back at it.

Back to TFA.  I applied because it was a free application.  Thousands of people apply and I thought "there is no way I'll get this."  I was invited to a phone interview and thought that was pretty cool, but still, no plans on getting accepted.  Then I got invited to a final interview at BYU.  This final interview was an all-day event that included teaching a sample 5-minute lesson, a group interview, and a personal interview with one of the recruiters.  That was on December 1 and I have to wait until January 17 to find out whether or not I was accepted.  If I don't post on January 17 that I'm moving to New York, DC, Seattle, Boston, Phoenix, Colorado, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or the Bay Area then I didn't get accepted and I've crawled in a whole to die.

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