Tuesday, December 13, 2011

eyes EARS mouth and nose

Dear following of about 8 people,

Have any of you ever had the terrifying experience of thinking you've lost your sense of hearing?  I am afraid to say that I have and it's something I wouldn't wish on my greatest enemy.  The other day, I was walking with some friends from The Pie to my car.  Or maybe it was a football game....the details are  a little fuzzy.  Anyway, I was listening to my iPod while we were walking and was suddenly inspired to say something that was probably deep and profound (because I'm a deep and profound person.)  My friend Alec and his wife were right in front of me and there were kids in a playground to the right of me.  I grabbed Alec's arm to get his attention and started saying my extremely important thing, but nothing came out.  I could feel my vocal chords moving and knew I was talking, but there was no sound.  John Mayer was no longer singing in my ears so I knew the volume on my iPod wasn't too loud.  I screamed, "Alec, I'm deaf!  I can't hear anything."  I saw his mouth perfectly form the words, "No you're not.  You'll be able to hear in a couple minutes," but for some reason that wasn't exactly reassuring.  I continued screaming more, but other than the kids playing in the park next to me, I couldn't hear a thing. 

Wait a second.  There are kids playing in a park next to me and I can hear them.  I must not be deaf after all, but what's going on.  This is the point where I slowly started to wake up and realize I was listening to "Kids" by MGMT in my Boston hotel.  False alarm!  I still have my sense of hearing.

But it really was a terrifying dream.  I'm still slightly asleep so this post probably makes no sense whatsoever.  Horrible grammar?  Most likely.  Bad spelling?  As always.  But how could I pass up a chance to actually post something.  And something as electrifyingly horrible as losing your sense of hearing?

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