Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ghosts of Valentine's Past

I'm one of those people who likes thinking about where I am today and where I was a year ago.  I've always been a little bitter about "singles awareness day."  Reflecting on the last few years, I realized that February 14 has been a pretty good day the last few years, whether it involved a special someone or not.  Not to live in the past or anything, but let's highlight a few of those...


I don't have any pictures of this day, but if I did, they would have been taken at a "make-out" party in Logan.  Yup, make-out party.  There was a table set up by the front door with little cups of Listerine, mints, and gum, a "make-out" closet, and an evening of kissing games.  I'm afraid to say that I did not participate in any of the games, but I thorough enjoyed watching everyone else.


There was a special someone this year, but he wasn't around so I went to hang out at sister Whit's house.  Long story short, I ended up getting duct-tapped to a pole right outside someone's front door and made a couple good friends out of it.


Skip ahead a year to the best V-day ever!  It started in Shenzhen where I got on a plane and flew to Changsha.  To celebrate the day of love I went to a romantic dinner with Chambrey, Jacob, Richard, and our new friend Michael at the fine dinning restaurant of Pizza Hut.  I'm not sure I've ever laughed as hard as I did that night.  I have never and probably never will meet anyone like Richard.  This is the night I was introduced to his strange allergies.  Peanuts, meat, alcohol, fruit of the apple family...name it, he's got it.  Michael turned up his charm a few minutes and Richard watched and took notes so he could practice flirting in the future.  The five us squished in a cab on the way home and Chambrey's personal space was violated.  Richard looked at me and said that I look exactly like a girl he's in love with and petted Chambrey's long locks in envy.  One of the funnest nights I can remember!

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