Thursday, March 8, 2012

Disney: Day 1

I almost forgot just how much I love Disneyland.  Especially Disneyland in the winter, when hardly anyone is there.  When we got the park we walked right onto Thunder Mountain, which quickly became Jack's favorite ride.  We would spend the rest of the trip hearing him say, "I want to go on Thunder Mountain," about every 5 minutes.  By the third day he was forbidden from saying those words, so instead he'd say, "you know what I want to do."

It started raining a little after lunch then it rained....and rained....and rained the rest of the day.  The good thing about rain is that it makes the lines so much shorter.  Bad thing is it makes three little boys (especially a 2-year-old) very angry.  After a full day of Disney and a whole lot of rain, we sent Ryan to BJ's for some dinner and gluten free pizza for me!  Yum :)

The boys loved driving the Autopia cars

Dumbo in the rain!

There are three great things about this picture: 1 - Luke's dazed look.  2 - Jack's classic "trying to smile naturally" smile.  3 - Conner's obvious dislike towards his poncho and the rain.

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Camille said...

seriously so cute!! I am still laughing about your re-cap of the last picture. hilarious!!