Saturday, July 21, 2012

Baby E

After TFA institute and orientation, I snuck away from Arizona for a quick visit home.  Baby Beckstrom must have sensed my presence in the state because my sister Megan went into labor shortly after my plane landed.  Eli Harrison Beckstrom was born Friday, July 13 and is as cute as can be.  I want to take him back to Phoenix with me.  He's such a little sweetheart.

His brothers are pretty awesome too.  My favorite things about Jack are his love of having his picture taken and his obsession with love.  He helped Todd "engage" Alisia a couple weeks ago and is always asking me about my love life.  How can't you love that face?  If only Luke wasn't such a punk about having his picture taken, I'd have one of him too.  Oh well, moral of the story is my nephews are the cutest dudes alive.  The End.

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