Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer So Far

Guess what, I finished my first year teaching!  I can't believe it's already over.  It was probably the most difficult, disappointing, overwhelming, and stressful year of my life, but it was also definitely the most rewarding.  That doesn't mean I'm excited for it to start all over in four weeks.  Especially with this new class I'm teaching that I know about this much about.  The plan was to be super productive this summer and have a bunch of great things ready for the upcoming school year, but instead it's been a summer of playing and relaxing.  

I left school after submitting my grades and cleaning my classroom and went straight to the Grand Canyon for a weekend of hiking and biking.  On the way to the Grand Canyon cousin Jane called to tell me that her wedding in Switzerland had to be pushed back a few months until after the honeymoon, so they had decided to get married in Salt Lake in 6 days.  When I got home from the Grand Canyon I threw my stuff in boxes, everything else in my car, and took off Thursday morning to make it to the temple in Salt Lake by Thursday evening.

Mrs. Lewis!

The rest of this will pretty much just be an overload of pictures that I actually took this summer (I'm not the best at taking pictures).  

The next week was Lake Powell, my favorite week of the summer.  After 11 years we are selling the family boat.  A moment of silence...

Summer also included camping, lots of the Beckstrom boys, biking, rock climbing, swimming, hiking, fireworks, and REAL games.

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