Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have a dilema on my hands. After spending a week with Whitney, Terese, Morgan, and Mackenzie, all I want is long hair. Long, flowing, soft and shiny hair. Hair that I can put in a normal braid. Hair that fits in a ponytail without 15 bobby pins.

(example: long beautiful hair)
I want it. I need it.

Now, there's a problem. I have an addiction to cutting my hair. It finally gets past the awkward, hitting the shoulders phase, then I get bored and chop it. Before I attempt the impossible again, I want to make sure I actually do look good with short hair. I set out on a mission tonight to find a picture of me with long hair and compare it to the short hair look. Here's where we run into another problem. I don't have one. That's right. I'm so lazy that I never even do my hair when it's long. Therefore, every picture of me with long hair has my hair pulled back so it's not even seen.

So that leads me to my contemplation. To cut, or not to cut? Take a look, tell me how you feel. But promise you won't make fun of my sepia photo booth picture. I just like the hair cut, not the picture....

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