Monday, April 30, 2012

Engrish Letter

I was going through my closet tonight and packing up some stuff for AZ when I came across this little gem.  It's a letter one of the students at Yongzhou No. 1 wrote me before I left China.  By the way, she always told me she loved me and asked if I would be her wife and she could be my husband....

"(Write at first:  This is the first time I write a letter for foreign.  So I have a little nervous.  If I make lots of grammar mistakes, please must understanding me!!!)

You are my gentle wife.  You are a beautiful girl.  My dear, you will have a happiness with your girlfriend (sorry, boyfriend....)  In the future, you should become more and more outgoing like me.  Happy is the most important thing in the word.

You are too delicate.  I hope your boyfriend can take care of you well!  

I don't know whether I can meet you again after you leave.  I will miss you so much.  Will you miss me?  I think you will.  haha...

Remember, I am the best husband.  My wife, you should be proud of me!  A hahaha.  You love me than love your boyfriend I know...

Smile every day.  Don't get ill.  Drink lots of water everyday.  Eat lots of fruit and vegetables.  

I will remember you in my heart.  Take care of yourself

Please remember me forever.  My Chinese name:  keep it in your mind.

Friend Forever

We are family:  If you come to China again, visit me, must! 

Baby tell me how can I tell you, that I love you move than life.  Show me how can I show you, that I blinded by your life.  When you touch me I can tounch, to find out the dreams true.  I love to be loved by you.



Is that not the best letter ever?

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Cassie Johnson said...

that is priceless!!