Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Other Half

Tonight we had a bridal shower for my best friend Stacie and some people in the neighborhood and ward.  I'm going to take a minute to brag about Stacie.  She is seriously the best friend anyone could ask for.  She moved into the neighborhood when I was 3 years old.  We always had the same teachers in school starting with Mrs. Suchey in kindergarten and walked together at high school graduation.

When I was 5 years old Santa Claus brought me a power wheel Porsche.  Stacie and I set up our own little community all over the neighborhood and we'd spend all day, everyday, driving around in the Porsche until our legs were too long and we had to drive with one leg inside and the other hanging over the side.  There were multiple occasions when we were in elementary school where she let me borrow one of her bra's because my Mom hadn't bought me one and she didn't want me to feel left out.  Now that's a true friend.

Some of my favorite memories with Stacie include....

  • Mud facials in her backyard
  • Making salad for Hitler (we went through a serious WWII phase) with tree leaves and Pam's fresh tomatoes
  • Running around the neighborhood playing "Charlie's Angels" 
  • Choreographing dances in the basement
  • Setting up restaurants, bridal stores, hair salons, and clothing stores
  • Filming our own rendition of "Brigham City" in the backyard
  • Speeding to school at 7:25 in hopes of making it to art by 7:30 
  • Going for our nightly drives listening to Coldplay and Augustana
  • Many concerts
  • Torturing Sarah :)
  • Going to Einsteins for a bagel and mudslide cookie every lunch Senior year 
  • Crawling through the neighbors doggy door....

The list goes on and on.  Stacie also got accepted to Teach for America, but she's moving to New Orleans.  I am so excited for her to marry Patrick, but am dreading saying goodbye.  The longest we've been away from each other in almost 20 years was 5 months while I was living in China.  It looks like I'll be flying to New Orleans a couple times each year :)  I'll miss you best friend!

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Rachel said...

love this! so so sweet!